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Found 5 results

  1. I was going though a Cherokee at my local junkyard and saw this yellow box little research later, I found this to be the cruise control module. So I look up to see everything I need and found a website that has the factory manual on the cruise control system. Link to it http://jeep-manual.ru/index.php?page=78 Also Haynes manual for Cherokee/Comanche/Wagoneer on 12-31 has the electrical diagram for the cruise control List of items you will need: Cruise Control Module Control Servo Speedometer Cables Upper and Lower. Upper cable is picture below
  2. I’ve been trying to add cruise control to my 89 MJ 4.0 5-speed with parts pulled from junkyard XJ’s. I believe I have everything and have tried a bit of troubleshooting but can’t get it to work. Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Here’s the install list: • cruise control wire harness • cc harness plugged to “ACC” in fuse box on truck with inline 4 amp fuse unbroken • speedo cable switched to two piece with speed sensor • speed sensor plugged to cc harness • brake switch swapped out for the one with extra terminals - plugged to cc harness
  3. Anyone know how hard swapping in cruise control to a non-cruise truck would be? Found a great donor at the jy and need at act quickly. Mine: 92, 4.0, 4x4, 5sp Donor: 92, 4.0, 2wd, Auto
  4. I'm looking for the cruise control servo that gets mounted to the passenger fender. I'll also need the cable and fender mount. Anyone have this?
  5. Background: 91 Eliminator - cruise control would lock on and keep accelerating. I had to turn the engine off, coast to the side of the interstate and disconnect the cable at the throttle body. Picked up a "new" actuator (the vacuum motor with the cable to the throttle body) at P&P and finally got around to starting the replacement today. As I was removing the actuator I noticed a lot of slack in the vacuum line going diwn behind the bumper to the vacuum ball. I managed to move things around enough to see that there is no vacuum ball, just a screw in the rnd of the line. My question -
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