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  1. Hey guys, as the tag line suggests the blower motor fuse melts every time I think I've fixed it, I've tried a new blower, gone over most of the harness for these ghetto fabulous spliced wires ( like 3 spliced to one) found 5 probably more in there, (that fixed the signals and hazards). I'm thinking it's probably not the resistor from what I've read seeing that I have all speeds just it will work for about 15 mins then unfortunately I realize I haven't fixed it. Basics it's 88, also is there a master ground for the blower/interior electrics like there is for the engine?
  2. Hey y'all, I've got an 88, and its having some electrical issues at the moment, as the title says None of those work! Kinda sucks because i don't have time to be pulled constantly, but the strange thing is that the lights work obviously because i have all 4 turn signals and when i press the brakes they both light up in the back its just the running ones don't function along with the dash. fuses all look good, any ideas guys?
  3. Ohh I misunderstood, nope I was moving back to college so I didn't have any room for a carved up deer's meat, plus I think the state trooper that someone called for me would frown upon that
  4. I found new parts off of a dead 90 comanche in a salvage yard, as for the radiator I thought why guess if its going to work when I could just spend the money and probably not get stranded somewhere knowing my luck likely somewhere at least 100 miles from my house
  5. About a month ago I was traveling to college in the comanche, somewhere around Charlottesville va a deer hopped right in front of my beautiful truck, absoulutely destroying the head lights bumper and grill, but by god after her first season kill she cranks right over! And I was able to drive another 500 miles with battle damage, when I finally make it to the boro tn I let her sit, and to no ones surprise she leaks out her radiator, but 110$ and a trip to O'Reillys later she ran like it never happened and I'm proud to say that after some days at a salvage yard and hard work she looks better than ever. And that's why the comanche is a superior truck if I can hit a doe going ~75 then these must be some of the toughest trucks made once more Reinforcing my love for these trucks
  6. I'm almost done with the ax 15 swap for my 88 2wd but the ax 15 ( year 96) I got has a electric speedo driver assembly. Naturally my trucks is mechanical, question is could I use the mechanical drive assembly from a 4x4 and put it in the tail cone of my 2wd?
  7. I've Got a 88, 4.0, and the Peugeot just took a dump on me, I figured i would do the upgrade, but i can't quiet figure out what exactly i need, My truck is 2 wheel drive, and I'm looking for a parts list, and which tool set i would need, Metric or imperial?, and if someone could explain the benefit of getting the external slave instead of the internal, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance y'all
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