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  1. All old designs. I am much more interested in helping people restore their MJs. I have ben MIA here for a while, but the requests are coming in again for side packages. Thanks!
  2. I can't seem to find to scale artwork for an MJ so I can make some of these side sticker packages people have been asking me to do forever! Anyone have any luck?
  3. Don, we can go black and red on your MJ. Just cause my site does not have the combo, I can make any desired combo. I had your samples ready, but then could not find your email that you had sent. Classic case of checking it on the iphone, then not being able to find it later. Please email me again at spencer@mahardesign.com. Joe, we will figure this out. Spence I'm still not sure how the decals would show up on my silver MJ. Spense got my address and said he would send some samples, but no joy yet. :(
  4. Wildman, I still have your old side decal!! I still owe you! My biggest reluctance in creating the decals is that it takes a long time to get it right! Even with a good reference. I keep back burnering it...If you want that sticker back, I can send it. Again, please understand JEEPSTICKER.com is very much a side business. I have not done much with it lately. Always waiting for a slow time with my design business... it never comes :) Spencer
  5. I might have used that photo as reference for my drawing :doh: Take is as a compliment :) That's a great MJ! It was perfect to draw from. I just did the design, I did not even get a free shirt.
  6. I created a series of them... just search for (where's your playground?) on allthingsjeep.com I got hooked up with them through a guy in my club, he works in the warehouse..
  7. Hey guys, I am still around. Not much new on jeepsticker.com. but I have been doing T-Shirt Designs for allthingsjeep.com http://www.allthingsjeep.com/atj11242.html
  8. I am going to start w/the Pioneer side ones first. I am so freakin' behind on getting these up. Doing my "bread and butter" design work is getting in the way.
  9. Thanks... It's picking up again, but site updates are WAY overdue.
  10. I will get prices up on jeepsticker.com when I have the sides finished... I have the measurements for the longbed I believe... I have been draggin my feet on this, I know.
  11. Hey Guys, I am still around. I have the original side PIONEER decals (Thanks to wildman) to work from now... I have to set aside some time to recreate. It's in the hopper! "Not to mention, the little touch of personal thank you notes, now that's what services are all about!" Thanks Joel... I am a one man design shop. Not some big sticker dot com place. Just a stay at home Dad working out of the house.
  12. HEY WILDMAN, WORK is slow, I think I have some time to do this! It would be so much easier if I had the decals... This stuff is hard to get right without seeing something.. THANKS [Pioneer decals - I was working on that today, I got a sample decal to ship up to Spencer, along with the measurments and some pictures.]
  13. Hey Guys, I am still around... Jeepsticker is a side gig, but something I love doing.. More than my regular client design work. I gotta get down to CWs house and take some meaurements from his MJ.. I want to get these for sale, but it's tough since I do not own an MJ.
  14. Someone on here photographed all the badges, Comanche, 4x4, 4.0. Command Trac. I just don't have the widths and heights on them. I gotta figure out who sent those images to me. Eliminator Decals are up! My page MJ is getting a little long.
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