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  1. grouch


    The Boise area has higher property taxes than say the Nampa area. I don't know about Mountain Home area. Are you looking to buy or rent?
  2. Guess I wasn't too far off...........Glad you got it going.
  3. As a kid we used to drive down the street, turn off the ignition, floor the gas and then turn the ignition back on....big BAM and flames out the exhaust. It would scare the hell out of everyone . With that stunt in mind, think interment ignition like a lose wire or failing module.
  4. Next time it dies on ya, pull the air cleaner off and see if the choke is open or closed. The choke electrical wire is brn w/ bl stripe and it goes to a relay second from the battery on the rt. fender. It's energized from the alt. when the motors running.
  5. I didn't hear that mentioned on the TV ads............
  6. From my breakfast table looking North, East and West,
  7. +Thank you Sir. The 57 was well used when I got it.. No motor, trans, interior 3 coats of paint holding the rust in. I did most of the work except for the finish body work and paint. The Excalibur is a factory original.
  8. My score was 96%, 46 out of 48. I'm not much on Desoto's My other ride.
  9. Yep, http://www.newmansprings.com/release/?book=deep-space-dream Also book stores can order it for customers.
  10. grouch

    Fly, MJ, Fly

    Hell, it runs better than mine.
  11. He had it in P for pass.....That caused the check engine light.
  12. Well my book sales are slow and that means my MJ ain't getting the work it needs done. Someone out there must have a juvenile imagination. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08K3RXRVD/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb
  13. Got a reference site for ya. A lot of good stuff here. https://hoseeker.net/ As a kid my dad had some HO trains, my first job was at a hobby shop. Now I'm pushing 80 and still plays with toy trains. Also model cars and ships. I'm slowly working on a 1/100 wood ship, USS Constitution. Plus a slot racing track and the toys below. When your retired every day is Saturday.
  14. sorry, forgot to add https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/forum
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