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  1. I found this code under the cowl in the front, can anyone decode or tell me when I can find info on this? Thanks guys
  2. It's nice to meet such awesome MJ owners and also meet a fellow eagle scout! Keep the jeep going brother!
  3. Yeah, mine isn't on the road yet, but I see one in my area on rare occasions (maybe once a year). But other then that I never see any.
  4. I'm actually just outside of Winona MN. I found this MJ out of Ladysmith WI
  5. Title says 1991 but parts say 1988 1991 Jeep Comanche 4x4 Long Box 4.0L BA10/5 np231 dana30/35 bought out of Wisconson, unsure the history before. Under the impression it was gonna be made into a street truck by some teenager, was sold due to "unexpected pregnacy". Then the next owner was gonna chop it up for non-rusted body panels and noticed how nice the frame was and couldn't do it. Bought it for him half torn apart, ready to be rescued.
  6. Project #1: Tear down: I started on the interior and the engine bay because 90% of the rust is in the floor boards and the engine bay was already torn down. The floors were a bit worse then I was expecting but are mostly solid so a few patches and some rust inhibitor paint and I will be all set.
  7. This is my "1988" Jeep Comanche MJ. This Comanche must have have and interesting past, because the VIN and the vehicle do not line up. The Jeep was posted to facebook with the title "1988 Jeep Comanche Longbox." It was an almost rust free WI jeep. I got it home with the title and did a little homework, then to find out, the title said 1991. No big deal right? Then I remember what I was reading. If I'm correct, they stopped using the BA10/5 and renix engine harness in 1989, but my jeep has both of those. I bought it the beginning of the year. It was complete but didn't run. The pre
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