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  1. Looking underneath the truck can only give you half the picture, but in the end it is your truck and up to you. Welding wise the video below is a really good demonstration on what the settings on the welder need to look like to make a good weld (and how it should sound). Getting a good weld if you haven't taken a class will take some time to learn what you have to do. If there are any vocational schools in your area I would suggest taking a welding class through one. In my area they are 100 bucks every Tuesday and Thursday nights for 8 weeks. Probably on of the most useful classes i have ever taken. MIG welders are definitely the easiest welders to learn on, and a 220 is a nice sized machine. If i may make a suggestion. I look at my welders like i look at my boots. If i am going to be using them a lot or often, i wouldn't want a cheap P.O.S. that is not going to do what i would like or is going to hurt me. I would spend the upfront money and get a good machine. It doesn't have to be a big machine, but a brand that has a very good reputation behind it. Like a Lincoln or a MSC Industrial etc. If you find that you like your welder a lot and it lasts that's great, but i haven't found the Harbor Freight, craftsman, or home depot special to be the most reliable.
  2. First time i have seen this thread, and looks really cool. Love the name BTW. I might have to look into this, mine does the same thing.
  3. Welcome to the biggest money hole, yet funnest adventure you have and ever will experience. I also have a 1989, so the first thing i would do would pull up the carpets. i know that sounds counter intuitive but Comanches tend to collect water in between the carpet and the floor, and then your floor rusts out. I didn't, and now i regret it everyday, why, because i didn't my floors rusted out, and now i have a 10" by 4" hole under my clutch foot. A new floor pan could run you about 100 to 150 bucks, IF you do our own welding. I got mine with the original motor (V6 2.8L) because of that also bought a Cherokee that had a I6 4.0. From that same Cherokee i got a 9.5" lift, 4wd transfer case, and Dana 44 axles. I bought that Cherokee for $1,500 because the rear passenger side leaf spring fasten point had broken and the previous owner was done with Jeeps. Difficulty wise. If you aren't doing anything major( tranny swap, transfer, motor swap) it isn't hard at all. YouTube has almost everything you will need to know. If you are getting into the bigger swaps or lifts i would suggest getting a friend to help or ask the question on here so you aren't working in a big circle, and we can offer advise on what works and what doesn't. Yet again, welcome to owning a Comanche. It is probably the most looked at vehicle when you go into town.
  4. I run a AX-15 through a DANA 44 more money up front, but will last. I also have 33x12.5 on a 9 inch lift, every now and then when taking a hard corner i will still rub. For the most part i don't. i have a freind who was running 33X12.5 on a 3 inch lift, and everywhere he went he rubbed, he eventually broke down and put a 9 inch on.
  5. That is what I personally did. It took me three months(about 3 hours a day) an 1 1/2 XJ to do mine. The 1/2 an XJ was for lift, axles and interior. They were both totaled but usable for what i needed to do. For both the XJ from the junk yard was $1200.
  6. I have a 89' with a 91' 6 cyl. I have to put mine in 4wd every morning on my way out because my driveway is pretty steep on stone. I noticed the same thing. I replaced the oil in my front axle and tranny. Seemed to fix it, even with long term driving in 4wd.
  7. I know that i have injector issues, but with my 4.0 it runs about 1200 cold, and about 900 warm.
  8. From 1987 to 1992 all of the 4.0 were the same. If its your exhaust manifold they were all the same for those years. You should be able to go to any junk yard and find one in good condition.
  9. I already have a 9 1/2" lift so that wouldn't be a problem. Where would I be able to find a 3.3 Cummins for a reasonable price?
  10. I have been looking into motor swaps, there are a lot of reasons why, but within the last 2 to 3 months the idea is coming up more and more. Why? My current 4.0 has started leaking more fluids, and has gotten a knock at idle. I could do another 4.0, but i just got a new job, and my miles I drive daily just went up by 10 to 15. Motor Ideas. One of my friends just finished up doing a Mercedes OM617 in his CJ and he said if he were to do it again he would swap either the new Cummins R2.8 or the older 4BTA(the A part is just a higher compression ratio(more power)). I could afford an 4BTA but the new R2.8 at almost 9K is out of the question. So i went looking. I found a Caterpillar C2.4 (2.4L) that weighs in a just about 525lbs ready running ready. But as it currently sits as a N/A it is 50HP. I could do a compound turbo set up with 50psi and get her up to about 180HP. Don't get me wrong, that isn't a set of astronomical numbers, but it is comparable to my current motor. Costs. The Cummins I found is $3,500 with a tranny, is a reman with 4,000 hours on it, but is in Florida. Whitch isn't that close to me. The CAT i found is $2,400 without a tranny, and is a surplus, so its been in a wearhouse doing nothing. The motor is in Chicago, which is a lot closer to me. I have not found a tranny for this particular motor, or a mounting plate for the AX-15 that i currently have. The reason I put in where the motor is, is for freight cost. Thanks for all the advise in advance. Wallace
  11. I am looking to do the same, but as everyone else said, its the cost. On the other hand go over to https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1150520 its a XJ site, and there is alot of useful info about the Cummins 2.8 and 4bt. but what caught my eye ( i don't think an MJ could handle it) but there is a 6bt swapped XJ. The owner redid the entire frame so that it could work. But let him do the talking. This is a pic from his post.
  12. To jump right on into it, I am getting a new job as a General Contractor in a few weeks, and my new employer does not provide tools for the job. Meaning i would need to haul my own stuff to and from the site every day. As of right now the tools themselves don't really matter to me, as i would like a definite means of transporting them in a protected environment. I was thinking that i would build the bed from scratch as i believe it would be easier than trying to find an old one then suiting it to my needs. I have looked into buying a new truck as a work truck, but 90% of them are out of my price range, and the others are junked. I have seen images across the internet of 'Manches with utility beds, and there was even one on here that was sold. Now the question, if anyone out there has any dimensions and or utility beds for a Comanche that they are not using and willing to sell, please get in contact with me. As of building one, i have a welder, and angle grinder, and know how to use both. Thanks for all the help. I found this picture online, and am looking to do somewhat of the same idea.
  13. Quick question, its been the entire summer since i did an oil change, and since i changed my oil, about 2 weeks ago, and about a month coming up to this point, she just smells like shes burning oil. There are no clouds of smoke, and the level in the pan(checked by the sick) is not changing. But there is an amount of oil coming out of the top of the valve cover (oil fill) that i would call stariling. thank for the help.
  14. Do you think you need to do any frame re-enforcement? What about hp and torque? Also could it bolt into the AX-15 that is already in my Jeep?
  15. I have a 89' manche with a 91' 4.0 in it. I have replace the harmonic balancer, alternator, and the water pump on the 4.0, but the transmission is leaking, the power steering is leaking, and the engine is running worse and worse every day. I have always liked diesel engines, and i was looking into a Mercedes OM617 from 98. I have seen them in Cherokees as old as my manche and was wondering if you it would be worth it to do the swap. I was looking to do a compound turbo setup on the Mercedes and it would produce 250hp and 250ft-lbs of torque. i would have to re-enforce the frame so that it wouldn't break. My current estimate is about $4K for the engine and work to the engine. The frame re-enforcement's and welding about $1,500 more. Resealing the tranny and re-gearing the axles about $3,500 to $4K. I would re-sell the 4.0 to a friend for I'm thinking $2k because he is going to completely restore it. Just looking for thoughts. Thanks
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