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  1. Thank you Satiricalhen for the information and correcting me. I reposted and hopefully updated the listing to the correct item description.
  2. The silver item on the left is a headlight delay relay. The blue item on the right buzzes to let you know your door is open (presumably with keys in the ignition) & also if you left your headlights on. I was told they were in working condition when removed from the vehicle. $5 each, plus shipping.
  3. I believe this will fit 84-96 Cherokee XJ's, 86-92 Comanche's & 87-95 Wrangler YJ's, but do your research. I never used it, but was told it was in working condition when it was pulled from the vehicle and it came in a "pot luck" box full of various parts. I've seen these selling for about twice this, but since I have no personal history with it, $25 OBO plus shipping.
  4. Supposedly came out of an automatic truck and appears to be in good condition. $75 plus shipping.
  5. $20 OBO plus shipping.
  6. They are far from NOS, but if your handy with cleaning them up and repairing the tab, its the only blacked trim pair I have.
  7. Which are you looking for, long or short wheel base roll bar?
  8. This was mounted in my 86 Comanche when I bought the truck. Not sure of the make. It is in good condition, but needs a cleaning. The pistons are getting a little weak for holding up the lid and I do not have any keys for the lock. Just want the thing gone. Thanks.
  9. Do you still have a complete set of bench seat belt receivers? I also need a center seat belt set up for a bench. Gray in color. Thanks. Sorry, just saw your message to pm. So done.
  10. And I will pull the plugs and also do a compression test to get some numbers and confirm things. If for no other reason, maybe someone else will get something out of this too. I recently removed the throttle bore and cleaned it, replaced a bunch of questionable vacuum hoses, cleaned up and replaced the air box and all its connections, all electrical connections pertaining to the TBI and sensors, and started on a couple of Cruisers tips. I was having stalling issues when pushing the clutch in while down shifting to slow down. Doing all that cleared up about 98% of the stalling. 100%
  11. Looks kind of white to me, but could be bluish. I can't trust these eyes no more. But, it's not as heavy or thick as I expected. I will try to post the videos I have of the engine running and tail pipe smoke tomorrow. I seem to be having a computer issue right now.
  12. Yeah, your right. I pretty much know where this is heading. Guess I was just having a fleeting moment of denial. But to reference what you said in you last line... Its Like starring in a mirror some days. Lol 86_2.5_Knocking.html
  13. I am looking for some guidance, opinions and recommendations, not necessarily in that order, from the wealth of knowledge that exists on this site. So my 86 2.5 has been developing a knock (no, not just a ticking) in the last couple of months, along with smoke exiting the tailpipes. I also noticed that the last time I changed the oil a few months ago, which was very black, the new oil became very dark within a few days afterwards with very little driving. This is not a DD and it currently sits more than it is driven. I have also noticed that it seems to have a lack of power from just a few mon
  14. Yup, and the first time they catch you driving without them they will be more than happy to take your money then... and never let you forget it about it.
  15. I feel your pain about the emission issues. I just recently registered my 86 with classic plates after it has been sitting in my driveway for 5 months. I believe the 2.5L is slowly giving up the ghost after developing a "louder " knock and some tailpipe smoke. No way will it make it through inspection until I get that resolved, which is going to take some time. If you don't need your truck for a DD than the classic tag route can work for you, in some states I guess. Good luck with it.
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