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  1. My caster is at 7 degrees in correlation to my lift 7"
  2. Welcome! You said your now MJ which is your Jeep has 4x4, leave a small shovel couple of tools and and a jacket behind your seat and forget about it. You can thank me later, how I know? It takes 5 minutes to dig your self out with a shovel, it takes you 30 minutes with your bare hands. Welcome again.
  3. Good evening everyone! Question is at hand that my camber is off after my trip in ocotillo wells in Cali, my negative camber passenger side is roughly 3 degrees and 2 degrees on driver. I have been doing researching for the last 2 days and I have come up with: axle is bent, axle housing is tweaked, bent "C's," ball joint issues, wheel bearing issues, alignment technician error and so on. So basically nothing so far. Keep in mind that I have HP30 super dana and lift of 7inches with long arms on 35 inch tires. I have put on 1 ton steering system (drag link, tie rod, track bar from Currie), please help if can and thanks. Right now for what I can is I have stock ball joints currently and will change to HD ball joints to see if that helps. I will upload pics soon.
  4. Thanks, front bumber is from rustys xj pre runner set up (rustys offroad.com), I think they run about $400ish. Rear bumper is from nates 4x4 online.
  5. One thing I found out (after I crapped my pants in my comanche at 60 miles per hour on the road) that after I installed 33s or bigger tires is add a front cross member strengthening from frame to frame near steering box. This will keep the frame still and secure on the trail while driving. How I know you may ask? I live to tell the tale of other comanche owners who build their comanches and check safe of off the list. My steering box and steering wheel would not move at all, I mean literally won't move with my full force. My tires At this point moved and separated frames just enough to steering linkage binding up and messed up my steering. At 60 miles per hour and this happens right now? Alrighty then! So, please add a cross member frame to frame front end so you don't crap your pants to. I'll add a pic so you know what I mean tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys, as you know that if you own a Jeep, the construction never stops so I will post up new things.
  7. MobilJoe1


    1991 Jeep Comanche Pioneer LWB 4x4 Year it was made: 03/1991 Currently Reside: Riverside, CA Not a daily driver. Adventures only. Still runs today and purring like a kitten. Drivetrain: 4.0 ho, ax15, Np 231, dana 30 and 35 in rear. Change to super Dana 30 and Ford 8.8 with both eaton e locker. Currently at 7 inch lift 35 inch tires now how it sits.
  8. Hello, My name is Joe and my Jeep story starts now. I bought it on Craigslist 6 years ago. I was looking for a truck 4x4 to build and my Jeep popped up. It had 4.0 H.O, ax-15, LWB (I want a long bed in the first place) and I just fell in love with it at first sight. I was $3500 in Craigslist and got it down to $3000. Knowing it was very rare in my neck of the woods, other people didn't know what it was but I did. Since then I put 4.5 inch lift on it with 32s, then I put 33s and painted it with desert tan, then I got sick of it and put another lift on it of total of roughly 7 inches with one ton leaf springs SOA. Then I put 35s on it because it didn't look right with 33s. With all of modifications I put it on it, It needed an overhaul pretty much everything. Starting from the top to the bottom of my overhaul : new 4.0 high output engine, rebuilt ax 15 transmission, rebuilt np231 transfer case, rebuild Ford 8.8 rear end out of a 99 Ford Explorer, rebuild and beefed-up super Dana 30, front and rear end axle shafts from Yukon differential, long arms from Rusty's, also put in front and rear Eaton e Locker, 1 ton complete steering from Currie and last 35x12.5 r15 cooper stt pro. There is many other things I did for it but I cannot remember. Oh and also bumpers front and rear with superwinch up front.
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