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  1. I gave $5000 for mine a couple of years ago fixed a lot of little things, upgraded front control arms track bar etc. and drove it for awhile, never could get it to run quite right so finally did a compression check and found a couple of cylinders a little on the low side, decided to put in a reman engine, i figured I bought this thing to drive not as an investment. So I don't feel bad in the least about spending the money, with that being said I think yours is definitely worth at least putting in a head gasket. You won't be out that much.
  2. Yeah that's where I was going to start, just haven t had a chance... Thanks
  3. Having owned and wheeled several ZJs and still have one with 35s I've never had a problem with the steering box.... It turns way easier than my MJ with 31s So I have to ask is the ZJ steering box a direct bolt in on the MJ? I might want to do this if it gives you better steering.
  4. I just realized I have one light that isn't working.. But you get the idea
  5. That Comanche looks familiar.... The visor has since been painted black.
  6. Mel

    NOS Parts

    PM sent in both...
  7. Mel

    NOS Parts

    Are the trailer light harnesses still available? I am interested in one. Also was wondering what is the exhaust isolator?
  8. Have you installed these yet? Wondered how they worked...
  9. Great video, thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to have to try this on mine.
  10. I installed the kit from Thor and had to buy the throttle body adapter as posted above and a reducing elbow that I found at Pep Boys, but it looks like Trailhead off road offers one, I got rid off the whole vacuum harness and ran small lines from the intake to the egr solenoid and then from there to the egr. I also installed a fitting in the long tube to run the gas tank vapor hose from the charcoal canister to.
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