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  1. Since I first saw a Gladiator is person, I had wondered if the rear bumper could be modified to work on a Comanche. Well, as fate would have it, one appeared for sale on Facebook Marketplace for super cheap. I jumped on it and figured it was worth getting my hands on. Worse case, I could just sell it if I didn’t think it would work. Please note, this write up is for a Gladiator Bumper only. I do not know if a JL bumper will fit the same way. I picked it up and sat in on a sawhorse at the back of the Jeep. The width was roughly the same as the stock MJ bumper and was pretty solid (more so than a stock Comanche bumper). I would just need to trim some of the steel and plastic to fit around the harder corners of the MJ. I removed the plastic caps and started to trim small sections of metal until it it fit around the MJ to my liking. I built brackets off of the bumper using the stock studs in the bumper. I used 3/16th thick angle iron and 3/16th plate to make brackets that would bolt from the bumper and allow it to sit on and wrap around the stock bumper brackets. I then was about to drill and bolt the new brackets onto the stock frame bracket. I used bolts to hold everything together and it felt very sturdy. I will probably go back and add welds for extra strength. once I had my final fitment, I pulled the bumper back off and reinstalled the plastic caps. I then trimmed the plastic back to match the steel and covered the cut plastic in a flat black edge trim that I purchased from Orielly’s.
  2. Thanks! Yes, I knew there were a lot of differences and I appreciate the insight. I’m either going to do what you suggested or swap the whole drivetrain with the AW4 tranny and all other components.
  3. Correct. I know everything about the XJ engine. I plan to do an LS swap (but I also plan to do a lot of things that never happen) but that probably won’t be for a few years. I figured in the meantime, I could pull my XJ drivetrain to gain 4wd. My XJ has the AW4 tranny. I was leaning towards buying an AX15 to maintain stick shift in the MJ and swapping everything once I pull it. Then if I did do the LS, I could mate it to the AX15 with NP231 transfer case.
  4. I gotcha. I figured since I would be swapping out the tranny, night as well throw a newer engine in there. But I could keep the old one and run it until it quit.
  5. my bad. It's got 300k on the clock and a Peugeot tranny that's about to go out. It's also 2WD. I want to keep in manual. So I'm looking for an AX15. The end goal is an LS swap but that will be a couple of years away.
  6. It's currently in my XJ. I want to put it in the MJ. Basically i want to do most of the 97+ swap (fenders, grill, and engine) but keep the interior of my 87 MJ.
  7. True haha! The engine is in great condition. I have owned it for 6 years. It was taken care of before me as well. It runs like a champ.
  8. Will do. I currently have an 87 MJ with a 4.0 and the Peugeuot tranny. I also have a 2000 XJ with a 4.0, AW4, and 231 TCase that has about half the mileage on it. I want to keep the manual trans, so I'm looking for an AX15 to match up with my XJ 4.0 and NP231. Then swap that into the MJ. If I have to swap the dash, I can, as I have all the parts. But I really like the original dash and was hoping to make it work.
  9. If I swap in the 4.0 from my 2000 XJ, can I still use the original Comanche dash and cluster?
  10. That is sweet! What did you do to put that together?
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the answer. That makes sense.
  12. I tried to search for this but couldn't find the answer. Is there a way to swap a 97+ XJ gauge cluster into an 87 dash? I have all the 97+ parts available but I want to attempt to keep the 87 dash as it gives me more cab room.
  13. It's an 87 2WD stick shift. I plan to move all my parts over from the XJ and then LS Swap it.
  14. The interior is blue on blue. Yes, I am praying for no rust, or at least minimal. The Jeep was owned by an elderly man who apparently took great care of it. The body and interior are immaculate.
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