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  1. Stump


    I liked the black and red too. But by the time I changed out the bed, doors, hood, and fenders (serious rust!) there wasnt very much black left anyway.
  2. This is what it looked like when I brought it home in the Spring of 2017. It had been sitting on four flat tires next to the guy's house for a while. Lots of rust but It seemed solid enough to make into a daily driver. And it came with a spare bed!
  3. Stump


    89 Pioneer. 4.0 AX15 NP231 Savannah, Ga.
  4. Looks great!! How big is the lift in front?
  5. Great looking truck! I like the rubber windshield trim. Always wondered if that would work on my 89.
  6. This sounds great!! My 89 project is pretty tame, but I love seeing what the "make it bigger and make it more powerful" builders do to their projects!
  7. Never mind ! I found the bad connection in the passenger side plug. I should have paid better attention !
  8. I just installed the putco harness in my 89 Comanche. Low beams work great, but when I click on the high beams I get no headlamps at all. All other running lights work. Any ideas? On the drivers side, I plugged lamp into new harness and left the old plug dangling. On the passenger side, I connected the old plug to the male plug on the new harness and the headlamp to the new female plug. Plugged in new relays and connected red wires to the battery. I haven't read of anyone else with this problem.
  9. My fuel gage did the same thing after I replaced the tank (including new pump, strainer, etc.). Sprayed electrical cleaner in the connection at the front of the tank and reconnected. Problem solved.
  10. Stump

    Roll Call!

    Mike Gianeskis 89 pioneer short box 4x4 Savannah, GA
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