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  1. has anyone made or bought an aftermarket intake? I only saw one and that was called Rock-It
  2. the axles were out of a 92 eliminator. they had 3:07 gears in them so we put the 4:10 gears in. I live about 30 miles southwest of Milwaukee
  3. Here is my newly rebuilt 89 Eliminator. I just finished a spare tire mount for the bed that i will have pics for in a few days. i was doing some flexing when i got it done in the ditch. I also did a little wheelin in the snow and it did awesome! http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2525818 I got some pics of my spare tire mount on page 2. Update: i got 6.5 coils and 4.5 in leafs from rustys now and rides and flexes great. Here are some new pics. the last one is when i had to haul my woods project back to school. it was pretty gnarly with just resting on the spare. and i got a rustys inta
  4. i live in Wisconsin. All the trucks around here have 44s and big engines. there isn't to many dunes around these parts.
  5. I was leaning toward the fabtech one. i think that it would look the coolest because you don't see many trucks with a spare tire mounted in the bed like that. I think that it is around $100 but i willo probably make one.
  6. I have a 33 inch spare tire sitting around and i was thinking about mounting it in the bed. Has anyone done this, if so could you show me some ideas.
  7. has anyone seen the $15,000 comanche on ebay?
  8. has anyone put rear disk brakes on their comanche? Is it easy/hard. I have all of the stuff for the brakes like rotors, calipers...
  9. I am in the process of converting my 89 eliminator to 4wd. I have a dana 44 for the rear and a dana 30 for the front. I am also putting a 6 inch lift with 33inch bfg mud terrains. It is a 4.0 and is automatic. I was wondering if you can bolt or get an adapter to put the transfer case in.
  10. one of the guys at national tire and wheel said that it would cost around $650 a tire and should be available next summer.
  11. they unveiled the new 54 inch bogger Its 19.5 inches wide and comes on a 17 and 20 inch rim
  12. SOUTHLAKEMJ, do you know the dimensions on that tool box
  13. i live about 20 minutes SW of milwuakee. Its called Waterford. We are leaving really early on Friday. I was going to bring my 89 Eliminator but couldn't find a co-pilot and didn't feel like driving down by myself.
  14. are you going? If you are, then look for a group with a red willys, blue powerstroke, black duramax, red dodge all with wisconsin plates. maybe we can talk comanches
  15. that sounds like an awesome idea. i think it would be cool to put "only in a MJ" idea the best
  16. where you trying to sell because the exact same rig was on ebay and it was in youngstown, ohio
  17. did you buy that one off of ebay not that long ago? i wanted to buy it cause it was such a good deal.
  18. if you go to page three, the red Willys is my dad's
  19. i got mine a week or so ago. not on yet because my truck is getting painted.
  20. 89eliminator

    camp jeep

    did anybody go to Camp Jeep 2006. i went on friday. they had a tent with tons of jeeps from all of the eras. there was a 92 Comanche Pioneer. it had 9.2 miles. it was never sold to the public and it is in showroom condition. i was drooling. :D
  21. how do you attach pictures to something you are trying to post
  22. i am just trying to make a reliable daily driver so i don't want to go overboard. plus it is two wheel drive at the moment so i don't want to go soa in the back because it wouldn't look right. if and when i convert it, i will go with the 5 in lift
  23. there probably going to be on american racing rims
  24. i am going to put a 2 inch lift in the front of my comanche and was wondering if 31 in tires would fit. the back is staying the same height
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