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  1. Nice. I've been considering having my bed modified for different stock taillights that are still available. Possibly 1rst gen Dakota. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
  2. Great work. Are you planning on eliminating the stock tail light openings?
  3. Thanks for looking, the WJ booster ended up having a vacuum leak and the hard lines I fabbed up looked like A$$, so I scrapped the whole swap. What I'm currently running is a 2000 XJ reman booster, new master cylinder, used proportioning valve, proportioning valve hard lines and the left front hard line. The right front and the rear hard lines are stock MJ. I replaced the XJ proportioning valve plunger with one from a ZJ (I'm running rear discs). I also removed the rear load sensing valve and one of its hard lines. I used the valves return line as the new rear line. Th
  4. I have the u nuts, I'm looking for the size and length on the screws. I saw the OP mentioned #8? Anybody know a length?
  5. I've misplaced mine, anybody know the size on these?
  6. Spent some time this weekend cleaning up the interior and reattaching everything. I'm repairing a few cracked or stripped out mounting holes for the dash and trim, which has turned out to be more time consuming than I had hoped. I also started a list of missing/misplaced parts, lots of little stuff, but the most irritating is the trim panel for the gauges.
  7. My backyard view of a tunderstorm moving in.
  8. When I bought the bar, the guy at Detours and I discussed that same thing. He said 4 6" lights shouldn't be a problem, but that was 4 6" lights. I ran his bar on my wife's 2000 XJ without issues, but that was only 3 "6 Hellas. IDK, If they do cause issues I have an adjustable t'stat for the aux fan I can tinker with or simply switch them out.
  9. Thanks. Hard to believe that it's been 9 1/2 years since I started this.
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