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  1. I'm sure I can help you out. Make me an offer for all of them shipped. Ive got a 97 and a 2000 at the house right now and plenty of parts from 65 other XJs.
  2. This motor ran when I pulled it out of an 87 XJ. It had the TBI unit which I have already sold. It does come with intake, exhaust, and distributor. $200. I'm in Stokesdale, NC, 27357 336-509-4322
  3. Ive got the linkage from an 87 XJ that has the 2.5 and AX5 and 4wd. $35 shipped.
  4. Ever find one? Send total length center of ujoint to center of ujoint and I may have one.
  5. Ive got one that Ill let go for $90 shipped.
  6. Ive got a very nice one for $70 shipped. Send cell number for pic.
  7. Perfect that mount and sell me one. I want to run one of my bored throttle bodies on my 89 XJ some day....as do a lot of my customers....
  8. Sold a bunch of parts this past week...bed, tailgate, shackles, etc. New updated list on my first post.
  9. I've got some grey bucket seats for sale....but Id rather not ship.
  10. Ive got a rough pair of MJ bed flares. They are in rough condition, but could be restored I'm sure. Id take $30 for them, but would rather not ship if possible. Send a number for pics.
  11. Picked up, but I can ship also on buyers dime.
  12. Ive only got one passenger side cab corner left....and I'm waiting to hear from another member on here that has contacted me months ago. If he does not want it, you would be next in line. It would be $60.
  13. I don't have any nice harnesses, sorry.
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