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  1. Hello, Comanches are still for sale. 4.0 motor is now in the black truck, still needs wiring and other stuff. Make offer, please text only 864-2019024
  2. Hello I'm in the middle of the conversion from 86 Comanche to a 4.0, AX 15 and 4x4. I have some leftover parts and I would like to sell these. 2.8 V6 complete, throw a rod, good for parts, newer alternator 70$ AX 4 60$ NP208( need to confirm this) 60$ Front and rear driveshaft 50$ each I would trade for rear driveshaft (4.0, AX15, 4x4,long bed) or suspension parts(springs, control arms)
  3. Hello,I'm looking for a rear driveshaft for a Comanche long bed with a 4.0 and AX15 and a NP 231 transfer case. I'm in Laurens SC and I'm willing to travel in a range of 2 hours distance.
  4. I hear it a lot more when I'm out of the truck but it's also noticeable when I sit in the truck. I was a little bit scared to drive it over a longer distance, because I thought the fuel pumpe will went out. But now it's ok for me.
  5. Ok, thank you for the answer. I thought I have a issue with the pump, but it looks like it's a kind normal.
  6. Hello, I replaced my fuel pump a longer time ago also with a Bosch pump. This pump is much more louder than the original one, especially when the gas tank is half full. Does someone has the same experience? Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany.
  7. Red Comanche has now front axle out of a newer Cherokee with bigger u-joints and 3.55 gear. I have a 8.8 rear with the same gear. ( not installed) New price for everything included 8.8 700$ I can go lower, if you don't need the seat bench.
  8. Btt New price!!! 600$ each. New phone number 864 201 9024 only text please
  9. Hello, I have 2 comanches for sale. First is 86 Comanche longbed,4x4, V6,2.8l,AX4, 165000 miles, throw a rod, motor only for parts,floorpans are welded,rest of the body in good shape, good tires,comanche came without the campertop. The other comanche is a 90 shortbed 4x4, 4.0l, AX15,155000 miles ,body is rusted bad, runs and drives,only parts car, new waterpump With both comanches you can built a very good comanche longbed.both comanches has titles. I will not part out these cars! Ford 8.8, 3.55 with disc 150$ seat ben
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