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New guy on the block

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My name is Scott. I am from south of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have wanted a Comanche for a while now, and a short time ago I picked up a new DD.


1991 Jeep Comanche

2wd converted to 4wd

4.0 HO AX15/231

D30/D35 with 3.55


Plans are for 3.5" lift and 31's, custom winch bumper and winch, possibly Ford 8.8 for rear, and other odds and ends.

Gas mileage is great at 24MPG without trying, and it goes like "Jack" the bear. Imagine what it could do with a Stroker jamminz.gif


Hopefully mods will start when we are back from our honeymoon and should be ready for August.


I also have a project YJ that will be the main toy, although I plan to wheel this one as well.

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Looks can be decieving :headpop: . I took it in for a windshield 'cause the one in it was trashed and leaking. Turns out the pinch weld at the top was rusted away and the glass shop didn't try to seal it. Needless to say there seemed to be as much rain in the truck inside as out. There have also been a few other suprises such as quite a few missing bolts from the tranny swap to 4wd, an ugly floorpan patch job, etc. I am more upset with myself for not looking closer before buying, but am still content with the purchase. MJ's are getting hard to find in decent shape. It's just not as good a deal as initially thought.


On a positive note, the body looks OK, but is in perfect condition to wheel and have fun without worries of scratches or small dings


I will post some pics as progress continues.

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