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SYE needed or not?

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Forgive me if this has been asked already but the search function wasn't too revealing about my issue. I just inherited my father's 91 MJ which needs quite a bit of work done. Anyways, I'm eye-balling a 3" lift but I'm not sure if I need to budget for a SYE. I know on my XJ soon as I crossed 2" and went to 3.5" of lift I had bad vibes. Can anyone enlighten me on this issue? Thanks in advance.



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You won't need a SYE. The extra foot or so of driveshaft really helps us out. :D

Even if you push into the 5"+ lift range, the angles will still be fine (although the driveshaft may not be quite long enough anymore).

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Wow... to see all the ppl running over 5" with out a SYE is amazing. The problem with higher lifts and not running a SYE revolve around the runout on the slip yoke. IT will slowly wear the seal causing you to develop a leak. Sure you can live with out one, but in extreme flex situations you stand the chance of dropping your driveshaft.



AT 3" you don't need one.

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