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here is my newest project i have always wanted a comanche. I bought one for my dad a while back. he loves his so when the opertunety came to pick this gem up. I jumped at it.


so what i know so far.

1989 comanche

colum shift AT



wheels spacers



and needs a head gasket



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ya i have a rusty 1986 j10 that will cough up ita 44/20


i built a 91 xj some years back with a 4.5 rubicon express lift and 33


with this rig i fully plan to lower it about 2" in the back and 6" in the front and build it up for the wife to drive


my typical wheeler is a 1989 toyota

sas 37s 5.29s locked front and rear





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ya thers definately some work to be done all in good time


X 3


It needs a bunch of work before it is road worthy. It's still a good foundation you just need to remove some parts before the building begins.



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well here's some pics of the parts doner






oh ya and i drove it today granted i went 4 miles to a buddies house on back roads . but all in all it drove fine


yes there are a lot of thigs that will cahnge. sterring suspension axels every thing


also the fuel pump took a S%%t it dosent give enugh pressure


but it will smoke 38s

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so haeres the game plan


dana 44 and amc 20 from my j10


slip yolke elimanator parts stolen from my j10


s10 buckets from my 91 s10


build protector for fuel cell


lower the front


change front suspension

possable leaf springs


37 mtrs




locker in the back lds in the front

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yes sir it dose


i will probly up grade to a 60 at a later date but this is what i have access to right now



i like your rig alot how do you like the leafs in sted of coials i am leaning that way

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