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where to get 18's

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been wanting to go to a bigger rim for a while now and since I'm doing a complete build i think now is a good time.


does anyone know of a factory 18 out there that will work on a jeep?


maybe a ford or dodge with the same lug pattern?


was thinking go with a factory rim cause they are cheaper if you shop around.


i know its not everyones style but i like the look so don't to too brutal with the whole"jeeps don't need 18's"

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I heard rumors that the Crown Vic rims will work on Jeeps. Haven't tried it yet. 02 and earlier are the ones will a bit less backspacing. 03 and later have more backspacing and are about the same as the magnum rims pictured above.

These particular CV rims are 17s. I bought a set for my sister's MGM, but haven't had an opportunity to try them on one of my Jeeps yet.




No, that's not the actual car I have here, it's just a picture I found online of a similar setup. If I had that place I wouldn't be mowing the lawn of the Drs office across the street so I can use his parking lot to store my trucks.

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Yes the Ford is the same lug pattern... but the center hole could be too small. The ford steel rim is a nice jeep rim as well because of the lower BS numbers, but these need to be opened up a bit to fit the Jeep hub. not a big deal with a steel rim....


Give it a try Pete, I'd be interested to know if that was the case for alloys as well.



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All my knowledge is coming from my research on getting rims for our Marquis and the consensus is that Mustang and charger rims are usable on '03+ Vics. But '02 and older Vics need some spacers to run the other rims or the tires tuck in too much. My guess is that the '02 rims I bought are about 4.5" of backspacing. Tomorrow when the car is up on stands to get it's new shocks/swaybar/hitch I'll pull off a tire and get some proper measurements. Don't know if I'll be able to swap one on an MJ though. Tomorrow's a busy day. :D

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