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Check with these folks fora kit... http://www.tsmmfg.com/2460.htm

I know this one says '74 - '92, but they may have others if you ask or search the site.


my wagoneer has 5 wheel studs. its the same bolt pattern as a ford five lug
Are you talking about an XJ Wagoneer? The Grand Wagoneers have 6 lug (6 on 5.5) axles. If you have a Grand Wagoneer with 5 lug...it has been changed.
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The FullSizeJeep club (ifsja.org) says that the 69 Wagoneer came with the Dana 27A front axle. And that the Dana 44 front didn't appear until 1974. You may want to confirm what axle you have or at least what year it is. Photos would help. :D

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D30 was used '68 to '73 with closed knuckle 5 on 5 1/2" and drum brakes. The pumpkin is on the wrong side for an MJ swap. You want '80 or newer FSJ axles (preferably NOT from a Jeep pickup or wide track 2 dr '80 to '83)


If you read some of that stuff on the IFSJA site, especially old or current posts on the yahoogroups or http://offroad.com (AKA ORC) sites going back to '97, you'll see Carnuck in a lot of posts.

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