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1989 MJ Rear Step Bumper Hardware

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My 1989 MJ came with a custom swing out spare tire bumper that doesn't work for me as I regularly use the tailgate, so I am putting an original rear step bumper on it. I have the bumper, but not the hardware so unsure of the thread and bolt lengths to use. Some fasteners pinch the mounting bracket to the frame and the bumper to the bracket, others seem to thread into weldnuts that are in place inside the frame.

Does anyone know the specs of the part # 34201991 ? That is the "discontinued" bolt that I am looking to match with something grade 8 from my local hardware store. I think it is M10 with a 1.5 pitch, but knowing that for sure and the length would save me some trips to the store. Hoping sometime might have quick access to look it up. It's part #14 in this diagram:


Thanks in advance. This forum has already been a great resource of knowledge.

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1 hour ago, 87MJTIM said:

I switched to the Fay bumper years ago. They use a different mounting bracket.

Really? My MJ had a fey bumper on it twice and I didnt have to change out the mounting brackets at all. I am certain my MJ left with a factory bumper, got taken off and swapped for a fey or the dealer put on the MJ brackets and threw a fey bumper on. 

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When I switch bumpers I had to swap brackets.  If I remember, the mounting points on the bumpers were different widths.  I will have to look back at the pictures.  Either way, I swapped bumper/brackets and kept the old brackets.

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Had to go to two different hardware stores to find enough flange bolts, not much in the way of metric hardware at my local ACE or Home Depot. Next time will just order from McMaster-Carr.
Ended up going with 10mm-1.50x30mm flange bolts. 8 to attach the bumper mount brackets to the frame, 4 and some matching flange nuts to attach the bumper to the brackets.


Good enough for now. I can use the tailgate with ease. Will look into more useful bumper options later (2" hitch receiver). Next steps are to pull all the overlanding stuff off the bed from the previous owner...

Thanks for the help!

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Yes, it is 18" tall and it is the 58" one meant for a 6ft+ bed on this short bed. If you are mounting a roof top tent like it has on it, I would recommend going with something shorter if you don't mind losing the height within the bed because 18" puts the RTT above the cab height.


rci_rack (1).jpg

rci_rack (2).jpg

rci_rack (4).jpg

rci_rack (5).jpg

rci_rack (7).jpg

rci_rack (12).jpg

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