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Cooling System Upgrades

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Maybe I'm getting confused with Eagle stuff, but I seem to recall there being a later model mechanical fan that flows more air than the stock 4.0 Renix one. Maybe it was 97+ with a 4.0?


And isn't there a later model Jeep e-fan that flows more than the Renix e fan? Thanks.

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10 minutes ago, Airborne Janitor said:

The later model model XJ fan was redesigned, you can tell by the fan blades. I want to say they started this in 97 XJs, but maybe earlier? The pigtails are different compared to the Renix fan, but nothing a soldering iron can't fix.



Thank you sir!

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15 hours ago, ghetdjc320 said:

There is also a higher flow mech fan. I just so happen to have one if you are looking for one. Can’t remember the blade count but I have it sitting out in my shop 

I’m not really looking for one quite yet, but if a deal came along I’d interested if you want to sell it. 

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5 hours ago, cruiser54 said:

Upgrade mechanical fan clutch is NAPA 272310. 

They tend to be louder than stock and sometimes fit rather close to the radiator. 

I had read about that. My radiator is larger than stock, so I don’t think that it would clear. 

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33 minutes ago, ghetdjc320 said:

I ran the mishimoto radiator with that clutch and it cleared just fine. That was on stock Mopar engine mounts

Perfect. Thank you, I shall add that to my list. I’ll send you a pm about the fan too. 

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