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97+ Windows in a pre 97 door question

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I know it's popular to take the window from a 97+ XJ door and with a little bit of modification you can put it in an MJ door, which eliminates the pillar in the window. Everytime I've seen this it's with a manual window, I was wondering if it's possible to take a Comanche with power windows and put in the 97+ glass.


Even if it is possible, I don't know if I'd go that route or not because I rly like the idea of vent triangle windows, I just need to find some. 

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I just installed power 97+ windows in my build as well. I used the newer style power regulators with the detached motor. The install isn’t too bad but I did need to use some spacers of different lengths to properly align the regulator angle to the glass track angle. You’ve got to get it aligned so the glass maintains a nice constant tension on the rear track to keep the glass from having excessive play. 

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Yea I went and saw Gjeeps build. I have plenty of time to decide what I wanna do. If I happen to find some triangle windows that fold in a junkyard in good condition I'm just simply putting those in.

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The operable triangular vent windows ALWAYS leak  when it rains.


I repeat: ALWAYS

It's a design flaw. When I bought my '88 Cherokee new, I had to pay extra to get those operable vents -- they were an option back then. They leaked from the first time I had it out in the rain. I took it back to the dealer under warranty. They put me in touch with the factory rep.


FR: "We have a fix for that."


Me: "Great! What's the fix and how long does it take?"


FR: "We remove the operable vents and install fixed glass. It takes a couple of hours."


Me: "But I paid extra for operable vents. Do you refund me the cost of the option when you remove it?"


FR: "Oh, no. But it stops the leak."


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