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previous owner wiring fun

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1 hour ago, acfortier said:

PO wiring is always a blast! Like that time I found 12/2 romex used to power an amp going from the battery all the way back to the truck of my Eagle.


To power only ONE amp? 12/2 romex is good for TWENTY amps! :roflmao:

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9 hours ago, Pete M said:

was prepping for pulling the hvac and found these gems.  not sure if I want to laugh or cry.  :laugh: :sad: 


don't know what they do yet.  I'll deal with that once the interior is finished. 





Mine was just like this!

One of the connectors was toast so I replaced it with a BWD Automotive PT300 pigtail

advance# 85186




I had to make a slot in one of the plastic sheaths on the connector, but definitely a easy concession when the local parts store had it in stock and the terminals on mine were burnt and completely not reusable.

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