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Restoration - Part Deux

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I have returned to get my MJ restored - for a 2nd time.  The first shop was highly recommended.  However, it was a collision shop.  It didn't do restorations.  I could write a lengthy description of my experience, but not now.


Less than one year after it was "finished" it had to go back to fix rust that wasn't properly addressed.


A few years later, the bondo they used around the rear wheel well was cracking.


I started my search for a restoration repair shop that would do it properly.  I think (and hope) I found it.


I dropped it off in early December and the owner started work right away.  I will upload pictures of what he finds and the repairs he does.


These are the first round: the gas tank skid plate, the floor pans (something the other shop was supposed to have addressed), and other misc. pictures.













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Looking good! I did this same process this summer. I however, foolishly skipped welding the new pan to the center front frame member, and just welded the pan at the edges. I was trying to save some time. It was a bad idea and resulted in a gap between the floor pan and the front frame member. I ended up drilling and adding bolts to get the floor pan mated to the frame better. It was a foolish mistake on my end.

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