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Jeep Turbine paint?

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Thanks a ton Pete! I glass bead blasted my turbine rims and they look great, but I've been mulling about robust options for refinishing the rim, yet retain the factory look.


I think the two best options are to either:

-powder coat light gray (no idea the shade), tape up 10 spokes

-remove tape, polish 10 spokes

-powder coat clear entire rim




-anodize light gray (no idea the shade), tape up 10 spokes

-remove tape, polish 10 spokes

-anodize clear entire rim


I believe both methods will work. I think the only differentiator is the polish on the anodized spokes will not be as shiny as the powder coat, but I believe the anodized finish should outlast the powder coat.


From what I've found is that consumer / prosumer paint does not adhere to aluminum well. Factory electrolysis painting yields best results, but that's usually out of every restoration budget.


I am currently leaning toward the anodization. I don't want the spokes to be a chrome level polish shiny. Folks that have powder coated feel free to chime in.


Thanks a ton!

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9 hours ago, commissioneranthony said:

Hmm. This was normal paint and not powder coated? Do you by chance remember what shade of gray you used? Thanks!

It may have been powder coated. It’s hard to tell for sure since the entire wheel was clear coated. No idea on color, just wanted to share a pic of the end result. I had these done professionally from a company in TX and I’m not sure what they used. 

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