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AW-4 Pan Gasket

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My AW-4 transmission pan started leaking recently, so I put on a new Fel-Pro gasket and used black Permatex RTV gasket sealer on both sides of the gasket.  I torqued the gasket bolts using my calibrated "wrist tight" method that I have used for the past 40+ years of working on vehicles.  I am confident I did not overtorque them, and the gasket does not look distorted around the bolt holes.


None the less.....the leak is still present, but it is  lessened.


My questions are:

1.   can the pan be installed without a gasket, and just use the appropriate gasket making compound directly on the pan flange, like what is done on differential covers nowadays?


2.  if a gasket is needed who makes the best gasket for this application? (I alway have felt that Fel-Pro was good to go for most gaskets.)


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I think the factory uses the RTV. I think it is reddish orange.  I can't remember what I used on mine. Also, there are different RTV gasket maker. I used the stuff for oil, I think black on my stock diffs. I did use a Lubelock on a D30 front diff. It seem to work well. Possibly on a Ford 8.8 rear as well. 

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