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No Power on IGN or ACC

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I recently replaced my dash, which meant every thing that was plugged into the main harness in the cab was most likely unplugged. I got everything back together, and was able to get the Comanche to fire up without issue, radio was on, etc.


Went back out today to continue putting the interior pieces back together, and went to start it, now nothing. Radio doesn't turn on no matter where the key is. Headlights, buzzer, etc. still work, so I know it's not a battery issue.


Jiggled around with the ignition switch but nothing changed. That was one plug that I did not touch during my dash swap. Any ideas?

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1 hour ago, cruiser54 said:

Turn signals and wipers work? Fan motor?

I know headlights and buzzer work. Fan motor I think is keyed off ignition, so that isn’t working.


Not sure about turn signals and wipers—if they only work off ignition, then most likely not.

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2 hours ago, cruiser54 said:

It's part of the diagnostics. Check.


Just checked, none of those three things work while the ignition is in the on position.


The ignition cylinder itself does seem harder to turn that it used to--not sure if that's because it's a new cylinder? I guess that wouldn't really make sense?

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1 hour ago, acfortier said:

Heh, seems like an odd coincidence! @eaglescout526 any way to get a NOS one? I think J3250576 is the correct part no.

Correct. I just looked into this as I am working on an 86 and suspected a bad ignition switch with the lights being stuck on and what not, but I was wrong with that diag, course it is kinda hacked with an alarm system. Anywho yes that number is right and I think I saw three left. 

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Well, moment of stupidity--I was looking at the wrong side of column, thinking whatever that other switch is the ignition switch... and one of the two plugs that goes into the ignition switch was unplugged. Plugged it back in, and no issues. Still a little tight to turn, but I don't think it's bad. Doh! Thanks @cruiser54 for your help--and @eaglescout526, I probably don't need a replacement anymore.

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