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Headlight Bezel

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Has anyone had good luck with a reproduction headlight bezel?  The aftermarket one's I have looked at online seem to get bad reviews.  This is going on a 1991 MJ so I'm interested in the 91-96 bezel, but if you have an earlier one you bought and like I'd really appreciate knowing what manufacturer is getting these right.



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I bought the headlight doors/grille kit. The quality is OK. The parts fit ok, but there is enough space between the three parts that minor adjustments can be completed. The design of the parts kind of hides the imperfections.  

I had to modify the square hole for the plastic clip on the sides ( side lamp location). I moved the screw clip a few millimeters to one side. As long as you only modify one side of the four sides of the hole for the clip, there has not been a problem.


The Comanche got  a little bling-bling this summer at a car show. But, this is as close to the grille & headlights photo I have. 

Comanche Trophy 1.jpg

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Thanks.  @hassyfoto what brand did you use?  That is an awesome Comanche. 


2 hours ago, acfortier said:

Is there a difference between pre-91 and 91+ bezels? I didn't realize that.

Yes.  84-90 are different than 91-96 XJ).  Side marker lights did not change dimensions but the bezels are different. 

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47 minutes ago, acfortier said:

What's the actual difference?

It’s a 7 piece grill. So behind the headlamp/turn signal bezel is a little bezel to round off the upper and lower trim pieces. Chrysler did away away with the 7 and simplified it to a 3 piece where the upper and lower metal trim is now apart of the grill and headlamp bezels along with the side marker round off piece. I’ll post the parts diagrams later. 

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