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New coil springs that will maintain factory ride height.

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I am planning on replacing my front coil springs as they are original and I assume a bit tired. I am not looking to increase the factory right height of the truck. Autozone sells Duralast Coil Spring FCS778V. Does any one run these and know if they are a direct OE replacement? Open to other brands as well.

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20 hours ago, Pete M said:

I would measure first to see what height you're at currently. :L:  the factory method is in the link in my signature.


I measured today from the top of the axle tube to the frame rail. Not sure if I measured in the correct spot but measured showing a distance of about 6.5"

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factory for a 2wd is 6.75" +- 0.5" so it looks like you are spot on. :L: 



I normally use a laptop and so I grabbed the phone and looked around on the mobile version and couldn't find anything about the signature.  weird.  :dunno:  maybe someone else knows the trick. 

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