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CrustManche Crawler

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Picked up a Swb 4cyl,5spd,4x4 last week to build into a crawler now that my 88lwb is done and driving nice! 

tentative plans are as fallows:

   Keep stock drive line except axles those will be a G2 44 that I will pull from my other MJ as it just does street and gravel road stuff, rear axle will be an Isuzu rodeo 44( these axles use same larger 9” ring gear at the jk rubicon’s and a pinion that rivals a d60! Will also be doing a 231/231 doubler and goal tire size is 37-40’s!


will be doing 2x6 rockers full interior cage tied to bed cage and bobbing the bed I’m thinking 8”



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Got to work the last couple nights got one side fullys cut for sliders ended up changing plans from just cutting out rockers and trimmed the bottom of the doors 2” and cut all the way up to the bottom of door sills I should be able to make a mini boat side type slider and gains 2” ground clearance so why not right! Also got interior pulled to see what Minnesota had done to the floor pans and it’s not the worst I’ve seen but it’s not pretty should be able to patch it up solid no issue! Gotta get some steel maybe this weekend and get things in place!









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Cut out the passenger side rockers and door jams tonight and a buddy stopped over and helped me get the bed slid back and mark everything for cutting got picks of 2/3 steps but forgot to get fitment pics before sliding bed back into place will get pics of finished bed when I figure out how to drop tail end of bed into place!







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Notched frame and cut out everything else I don’t need from underside of tail section of bed and got tail section tacked in place!  Changed bumper plans because I couldn’t get tailgate to work without completely removing shackle mounts and reworking them which would have been fine but decided to use 1.75 tube instead of 2x6 rectangle it will make life easier and look a little cleaner I think! Used removed section of bed to make some backing plates to have something to weld to and help align the bed 








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Cut one rear fender tonight! I picked up a sheet of 14ga. Sheet last week but that’s all I wanted to spend for now since steel prices are up 200% this sheet will keep me busy for awhile doing floors and putting some skins on the bed sides and lower trim sections hopefully I can get all that done and find suspension for front and possibly find some sections of steel that will work for making sliders! 



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Picked up the rear end (actually the j yard just lopped the frame off and drug entire back half of frame out and said here ya go you can cut the rest off haha! 

got it all home and separated the axle and links from frame and started looking at it and measuring and these lower link bolt right in where the leafs were and the uppers are the exact width of inner frame rails and it only sits 1/4” back from where factory MJ axle is located so for anyone wanting coils in the rear of their truck this would be an easy option if you can relocate your gas tank!


Now after doing some more measurements I should be able to triangulate the uppers with enough degree to keep this thing centered without a trac bar and the Isuzu coils will get reused I think and buckets will be installed on the ‘X’ cross member under the box





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