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For Sale: 1988 Comanche Chief -- Southern Connecticut


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Rumor has it there's a new zoning enforcement officer in town, and that he's starting to crack down on unused vehicles in yards. That means my two spare Comanches have to go.


This one is the red '88 Chief. Unfortunately, I don't have any decent photos, and at the moment it's surrounded by weeds so I'll have to make do with a verbal description.


It's a shortbed, 4.0L, 4WD, 5-speed. I bought it used. The previous owner had carved off the flanges for the fender flares. Front fenders have been replaced with new Keystone fenders, so the mounting holes are present in front, but I never figured out a way to repair or restore the rear wheel arches. The transmission is an AX-15, and it must have come out of a Wrangler because the transfer case has a YJ Wrangler shifter. I have the parts to restore it to a proper MJ transfer case shifter but I haven't installed them.


It had a Trailmaster 4" lift when I bought it. It rode like crap and the lower control arm drop brackets were rock magnets, so I removed the lift and restored it to stock ride height. Drivers side floor had some holes in it -- the father of one of my friends from NAXJA is a professional welder, so he patched that for me, and then I coated the inside of the driver's footwell with bedliner.


I regeared it with 3.73 gears and a TrueTrac limited slip in the rear axle (Dana 35).


A few years ago, I replaced the CPS. When warm weather arrived, I encountered multiple instances of driving about 15 minutes and having the engine shut off. If I sat for 20 or 30 minutes, it would start again, and I could drive home. I suspect it's bad CPS that's getting heat-soaked. Unfortunately, I parked it for long enough that the clutch has fused to the flywheel. I don't know if that can be broken free by towing it with the clutch peddle down.


Aside from the hacked rear wheel arches, the bed seems to be pretty solid and the cab is pretty solid, and straight.


I have about $3,500 into it, but I know I'm not going to get time to finish restoring it, so I want it to find a good adoptive home. Asking price is $1,500.

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