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1988 MJ project package for sale. Warwick, NY

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Not trying to be a troll, just trying to reach the right market and find someone who appreciate this truck like I do.  Wouldn't let me post to "for sale" perhaps due to my lack of posts.  But here is the link to my ad for my comanche I am selling.  Relocating for work, breaks my heart, but I have to part ways.  Tons of time invested in collecting parts and pieces, looking to sell as a whole.  Open to comments and suggestions.



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So I am going to be polite but realistic. I had a similar project sale about 2 years ago. Clean 4x4 eliminator short bed. no rust but had been spray painted and needed to be stripped. 


Sold the titled rolling shell with taillights, tailgate, bumpers, and glass for $1200

Renix engine, AX15, NP231 I got $800 for 

Other misc stuff I got about $600 for (seats, center console, stuff I had bought)


Selling as a package you will be lucky to get 2k. If you part it out you might get 3k. If the other jeep is in good shape you might be able to get a total of 5k but really depends on the shape of that other jeep. 


If money is more important than time, part it out, if time is more important than money sell it whole and sell it cheap. If it is an emotional thing that you don't want to part it then there is not much advice I can give you. 

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@Torq_Shep any input is appreciated, not looking to make money but also looking to not give it away.  Having owned and been around several xjs, the one that I have is particularly "clean" very good donor.  I have a lot to go with this truck.  Extra tailgate, tail lights, MJ specific trim so I was thinking with everything 5K was reasonable.

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If it were me I'd honestly sell any extra parts separately such as the tailgate, trim, and taillights because you will have no trouble selling them by themselves, then you can bring down your price some for the whole lot.  


Price is really dependent on your area and what else is available so it's hard to say what people would pay around you.  It definitely looks like a good starting point for a project but you have to find the right person for that particular project and it gets exponentially harder to find them when the price is higher due to extra parts.  


I'm sure there is someone out there who would give you what you are asking for everything, just wanted throw out another perspective for you to think about if you aren't getting much interest.  


Good luck!

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