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what's the value? I got one for $200 today cause I know it's worth more.


haven't picked it up yet, but what's the spline count, and what the spline count of an ax5 is? it's out of an 81 fullsize. yes, it is driver's side drop.


oh, and those of you who don't know...the np208 is a fixed yoke transfer-case. i.e. you don't need a slip-yoke eliminator for it.


thinking of putting it in my xj...and plans for another 3800 conversion are now under way.

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Ah! I was looking at Chevies and was wondering how you got a driver's side drop.




23 Spline front input front and rear fixed yokes shift indicator located to the left side of shift 1.75" speedo hole, left hand mount

New: $856.25 Core: $350.00



Core's worth $350.

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Core's worth $350.


jamminz.gif who just got a good buy?


a-this guy! :brows:


There is one in Milwaukee for $145.00 and a couple others local for $200.00.


I might know where to get one for $100.00.


I picked up my HP D44 and 9" axle for $200.00 total.


Maybe we can work a trade if you aren't keeping in. It is 23 spline and needs a spacer to fit becasuse of the longer input shaft.

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yep aluminum case.


spacer's not a problem, I can make one at burlington machine and tool (or have the owner make me one)


I'll be keeping it and finding an ax15 to mate to it I know where a dodge dakota 2wd ax15 4 cyl is for cheap so I can get that bellhousing and find an ax15 elsewhere, put this on it, and that will instantly boost my drivetrain capability.


this has become a race to parts accumulation :D

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I would get an AX-15 and the bellhousing from a 2.5L Dakota if you keep the 4 cyl. Then you need a spacer (Parts Mike has them for @$100)



The Jeep NP208J (or AM on some tags) is 23 spline and fixed yoke, LH drop.


Ford NP208 is 31 spline (also LH drop) but it's wider with a longer chain and thicker gears. They come fixed (full size Bronco to '88 with V8) or slipyoke (pickups)


Chev only came RH drop with slipyoke and are 27 spline for TH350 and 700R4 or 32 spline for TH400 and 4L80E. (they also have nylon shifter forks which cause a lot of the bad reports for this tcase)


Dodge are mirror image of the Jeep, but can be fixed (Ramcharger and Trailduster) or slipyoke (pickups) and are 23 spline only AFAIK.


I happen to have one of each of the above for sale here in Seattle. I bought them all for comparisons (I planned on using the Dodge tcase before I rolled my '73 J4000)


The Jeep or Dodge NP208 will bolt directly to the 904 4x4 trans (or a Jeep 727 4x4 trans)


I was going to take the Chev 27 spline input and use it in a Jeep NP208 so I could bolt it directly to a 700R4 for overdrive.

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