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Right tire

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Trying to pick out a tire for the MJ and not sure which size tire will fit on the 5 spoke rims we have.



Here are the size tires that I am looking at right now. Depends on $$$ and what will fit as to which one we get.










Also it has a 6.5" lift and an 8.8 under the back.



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Why does your truck have such a rack just wondering. My truck is set up the same way and mine just looks more level that’s all.

Here is a pic of mine on 33's



3 things,


1. Prior to the spacers on the 4.5" springs

2. No bed gives it a little bit

3. Parked face down on a small incline.


Parked the other way and it looks right :nuts:

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Those rims are 15x7. The rule of thumb is that the tire should not be more than 4 inches wider than the rim, which would indicate that anything up to 11 inches wide would be fine. In reality, a little more won't hurt, although your tread life might be compromised due to not being able to keep the full tread in contact with the pavement without running a pressure that's too low to be safe.


So the 11.50s will be fine. The real issue is what gears you have. My simplistic view is that 4.10s are good with 31s, 4.56 is good with 32s, and 4.88s are okay with 33s. Any bigger tires than that and gearing becomes a compromise.

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willing to tri the fenders?

with 33's you're going to have to cut a bit. Also, a friend had 33x10.5 radial swampers on his TJ and couldn't steer for crap because of the LCA rubbing.


I vot 33x10.5's, with some cheapy steel rims and about 4.25" of backspacing.that should let the tires tuck under the fenders, and space them out enough so you can turn again.

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IMHO, a 33X10.5 is a MUCH better tire for a MJ/XJ than a 33X12.5 ever can be.


I have a set of BFG AT's on factory 10 spokes on the MJ now and LOVE THEM!!




My wheeling rubber is a set of BFG 33X9.5's on factory "Phone Dial" rims.




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