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i thought this was Pat's newest addition :eek:


Thats a nice clean truck though, looks good.


lmao...I wish. of course, knowing me I'd end up selling it or something...


Jeepcom, that's a fantastic truck. love it, and great job on the stereo.


any more pics of it at all, from the other side?



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Ive got some sources Pat. I hear that you were in the works to purchase another Comanche. :shake:


oh really?


I'm actually in the works for 3...2 parts ones, one 2wd 4.0 repairable one in need of doors and front right side.


2 are for my dad to repair the diesel, and one would be for my next project...which will be in the threads here soon.


anyways, sweet rig here, in case I didn't stress it enough.


depending on how close you are, I'd help out with acquiring 4wd stuff.

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This is my 4.0l 1991 Jeep Comanche (2wd unfortunately)


My first truck only real things done is new wheels and stereo.


Very excellent clean truck. Body looks good. Like the color too. :D If the color is original, this is the first one I've seen the same color as my 1991. BTW, do you like chrome?? :cheers:


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WOW That is one of the nicest mj I have ever seen. I am trying to rebuild a 88 mj. My 86 has developed a bad case of cancer, and will be taken apart to build a truck-buggy. But got another one to fix up and will use yours for insparation.

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