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4x4 STILL wont work?

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I got in a front end axident a little while ago, and just finished fixing the body/4x4. I put a new vacuum bottle and lines on my truck, as well as the front axle shift motor (off of a 89 pioneer). At the same time i drained the differential and refilled it. The 4x4 still won't work, and when i shift into 4x4 high, it seems to even lose the rear limited slip, and i get stuck even easier. I'm thinking i must have not lined the shift motor up right, so the fork isnt going into the groove, either that or i didnt lubricate the gears inside with grease. If anyone has any idea whats wrong, please help me



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Your t-case is what shifts you into 2 or 4wd. The Central Axle Disconnect (CAD) in the front axle was Jeep's futile attempt to gain extra mileage by reducing the spinning parts while driving in 2wd (mostly your front driveshaft). But there weren't any tangible gains and so they abandoned it for the reliable non-CAD axles. Another option is swapping in the solid shafts from a later model Jeep and get the bigger 297 U-joints too.


U-joint upgrade page

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You could just shift the collar over in a semi-permanent fashion and never worry about it again. There are a few methods for this, including washers, a hose clamp or flipping the hosing upside down.



Can you just simply swap the axles from the late modle axles into the cad axles and eliminate the cad all together?

Do you have to change out the spindles to?

are the cad housings as strong as the late model housings?

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Yes the axles swap. The link goes into it all. With the strength I am not sure but i would think (yes thinking not knowing) That the CAD might be a little stronger because its kinda renforced per say with the sleeved area for the CAD but I'm not sure. That may be crappy steel. I would look into that swap or maybe even makeing a cable connection. I am homebrewing one right now to be installed when i throw my locker in but its not done. I can explain it and take some pics if you are looking to go that route.



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