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NSG 370

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My experience with the TJ AX-15 is that the shifter assembly on top is different than MJ/XJs and if there wasn't a comparable XJ version, you may have to work around it (I did keep the TJ shifter in my MJ so it's not all that bad). The transmission mount could be a bit different and I don't know what the length of the trans is so you could end up needing to mod the driveshafts.

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Isn't that TJ shifter quite a bit longer than an MJ shifter?


I know on the Puke-out it is.


I helped a friend stuff a YJ Puke-out in his son's XJ and the shifter top now is right below the top of the dash. Kinda looks like an old school chopper shifter in it.

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iv been thinking about puting one in my manche ever since i got my 05 rubicon with the nsg 370 , but i was thinking more like the whole drivetrain . engine-tranie-tcase and axels , that would be 8) :brows: the sickest thing ever but now i gota figure out how to total out the rubicon and not destroy the stuf i want :evil:

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I have the 6-speed and I've got a 2WD peugot trans on the ground next to each other.


Just measured the center line of the stick stub (what the actual stick attaches to) and its right around 19 1/4 inches from the edge of the bellhousing to the center of the stub. So, from that perspective, that looks good.


Advance adapter has a stainless braided clutch line that will allow me to adapt the MJ master to the '06 external slave. The clutch parts look to be the same parts (looking at PNs)


Right now I'm looking at ways to get the Renix CPS into the 6-speed. They changed the location of the CPS from about 10 o'clock to about 2 o'clock when looking at the back of the motor. Again, Advance has a kit to relocate the later HO Crank sensor, but says it won't work with the Renix due to harmonic balancer differences and CPS differences. I'm looking at just cutting a hole in the bellhousing of the new trans in the correct location for the CPS.


Then, using it with a Rubicon tcase, there arises the speedometer issue. I've got a '91 full cluster sitting here, and I'm trying to figure out how to use the electronic sender in the tcase to drive the speedo.


Of course, if I succeed in that, then there is the issue of the oil, water, and fuel gauges reading wrong.


I've found what is basically an electronic motor that will drive the speedometer, but I just don't know that it is the best way to go. Of course, autometer gauges or the like are an option too, but I'm aiming to keep it looking stock. Besides, banging my head into the wall trying to figure it out is cheap.

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