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xj gas tank skid

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Not even close. The xj tank is one smaller. The skid plates mount totally differently as well


Both of my XJ's have 20 gallon tanks. I plan on mounting it behind the cab when I swap in my 4.0HO motor. I plan on using my XJ skid plate as the mount and to protect it from the driveshaft. So I'll be selling my MJ skid plate.


I thought my MJ had a 18 gallon tank so I would be gainning a couple of gallons of fuel.


I did get 21 gallons in my 95 XJ once after cleaning the suger out of the tank... :roll: That was a prank played by some tenants at an apartment I used to manage. :nuts:


Payback was quite enjoyable. jamminz.gif Don't mess with a techs ride, we know all the tricks. :D

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Long bed MJ's have 24 gallon tanks :brows:


The big thing is the way they nount. The XJ skids have four bolts down each side (at least the Skid row one i have does) and the MJ tank has a funky way of mounting with hangers on the inside, and bolts to the frame on the outside( which almost always strip out in the frame making it impossible to remove)

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I can't figure out what size tank my MJ has.......at the most, with the needle almost laying on E, I can get 11.5 gal in it. But I don't know if the gauge sender is accurate, and I don't want to run the pump dry trying to figure it out. I just fill it around every 175 miles or so (netting roughly 16 mpg :oops: )



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