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Tank heater installation?

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I got a new tank heater for free for the ol' MJ. It did not come with instructions but I think I know how to hook it up. Anyone have one on their MJ? Any pictures? I am going to connect it to the heater line but I am not sure where I am going to connect it to the block for circulation?

Anyone? Thanks.

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Sorry about that. :oops:

A tank heater for the coolant to keep the engine warm overnight when the temps are below 0*F.

I know that there are several types of heater as well: the frost plug, lower radiator hose, and magnetic heaters as well. I have a tank heater, meaning that the coolant enters an external tank with a heating element then as it warms it starts to circulate hot coolant around the engine block. Or atleast this is my understanding.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.


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looks to me like you would just put that inline with the heatcore hoses. It should pump through one and then back into the return.

but then that would only circuilate water into the thermostat housing.


Perhaps there's a plug that you're suppsed to replace the Block coolant drain with, and hook it up there?

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Block heaters were standard on all XJs and MJs sold in western Canada, AFAIK.


I've never used the one in my MJ or in the XJ I owned. The MJ would start fine in -40 conditions, so I could never be bothered to plug it in. The XJ had 3 (one inline in the rad hose, one in the heater hose, and one in the block), I never used them either, but they were there.


My CTD has a plug too.. I'll plug it in at some time, it won't like the cold.

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