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How does ECU come out? electrical mess

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What needs to be removed for ECU to drop down so connectors can be unplugged easy? Removing the one 8mm bolt at the bottom of it didn't do anything.


I'm trying to swap out engine wiring harness now with one I've got from an 87 Cherokee (I've got an 87 MJ).


Wiring is a mess all over the car, and I just found some wires under the dash in the big group running along the driver's side of the car up into the dash which are MELTED.


I finally got it to turn over cleaning tranny NSS, I don't have spark is what I'm trying to fix now.

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Finally got the damn ECU out. I ended up just having to splice one 3-wire connector by the ECU plugs that was slightly different on the Comanche and Cherokee harnesses.


Now I'm over by the tranny ECU. It goes into the firewall on the pasenger's side, where under the dash is that tranny ECU located and plug in?


I just found my passenger's side door doesn't open, handle from inside or out it doesn't work. Now how do I need to go about fixing that problem?

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If you doing a complete wire harness change, you should think about taking out the dash, couple hard to get at screws at the top, one bolt (loosen) on each lower side, Drop the steering column and the whole dash pops right out. Couple of couplers here and there, heater vac line and flex line and it out of your way. Your whole harness is exposed, and ECM, and you just pull every thing out, and replace.


Sure is better than working up-side down and behine the dash.


Oh......and welcome to the ComancheClub :wavey:

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Thanks for welcome, I'm a big car guy and member of lots of forums.


I'm not gonna pull dash now most likely, engine wiring harness is mostly in engine bay and up to the main ECU is all hooked up now. I just have tranny ECU now to hook up under the dash.

I replaced dashes on VW Corrados and 1G Eclipses before, biggest nightmares in the world.


Already done a head rebuild and lot of work on the Jeep.

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The TCU can be removed pretty easily without removing the trim panel it's bolted to. Reach under the dash underneath the glove compartment and you'll feel the TCU. The plug is on the right side, squeeze the connector and pull. Then you remove 2 nuts to get the tcu out. Should take less than 5 minutes.

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