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Throttle Body Rebuild

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Gasket sealer? 



ONLY CERTAIN ONES? If only certain ones, which ones?

I know having sealer ooze into the throat is no good, but so is a vacuum leak. is the tb something that would wharp and need to be resurfaced? 

The old gaskets looked to have something holding them down but then again, could have just been 37 years of age.

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ok, so no sealer on the tb gaskets. next question, I'm doing new vacuum lines. which ones can i cap off and which can't i cap? right now i'm keeping MAP, vc to tb,

brake booster, and ccv. do i need the others that run to and from the air box? forgot to mention, i did put a vc on her a few years back from i believe it was a 95 wrangler, it's the one WITH OUT the bosses in it. when cleaning the tb, the fitting that accepts the vac. hose from the fitting on the side of the vc was totally clogged. i know the flutes can be trimmed to reduce oil in the air box, would that also reduce the fitting on the tb from getting clogged?

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