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Parts list for head gasket and water pump replacement

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I guess I'm a bit of a shade tree mechanic... proficient in replacing most parts when I know what needs replacing (and have the right tools). 


My Comanche doesn't get driven much, once every week or two for a trip to the landfill or just taking the dog out for a good sniff.  After our joyride this weekend I noticed a bit of coolant on top of the radiator (and a spot on the ground), and suspect it's time for a water pump replacement (122k-ish miles).  I also have had a light oil leak from the head gasket (not the valve cover, but between the head and engine block) that's been there since I got this truck.  I've been putting that off, but figure if I have to drain the coolant for a water pump replacement, I may as well take this job on too.


For the water pump, I'm thinking I'll need to change the thermostat (and gaskets) and probably wise to replace radiator hoses at this time, too.  Serpentine belt looks fairly old, so I'm adding that to the parts list.


For the head gasket, I think I'll need exhaust (and intake) gaskets, head bolts, and a piece of cardboard to keep all the parts in order.


Is there anything else I should have before I start work?  Anything I should be checking or looking for while I'm "in there"?


Thanks for any advice!

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I’d recommend you try to track down exactly where the leaks are coming from. A bad water pump won’t directly  cause your radiator to leak and it’s rare for a head gasket to allow an oil leak (but not impossible). That being said, you will need at least the following:

head gasket (get a mls gasket)

head bolts

intake/exhaust gasket 

thermostat housing gasket 

water pump 

water pump gasket

may be forgetting a few items.

Id also recommend you replace your valve cover gasket. Felpro permadry are my favorites for valve cover gaskets. Reflex 10-001 would be my recommendation for the intake/exhaust gasket. Cometic makes great head gaskets but it is probably overkill for your build. Mopar/felpro/Víctor Reinz all have nice mls gaskets. With the head off, you could do lifters, cam, valve stem seals, timing set etc. as needed and the list goes on. Flowkooler makes a great water pump with a billet aluminum impeller and High quality bearings. 

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The required stuff:

- head gasket

- head bolts

- intake/exhaust gasket

- valve cover gasket


The recommended stuff: 

- freeze plugs

- oil filter adapter orings 

- serpentine belt/coolant hoses/vacuum lines if they need it

- spark plugs

- cap/rotor/wires 

- fuel injector o-rings (required if one tears)


Stuff you could do but really isn't necessary:

- have the head checked for cracks

- rebuild the head


I would also recommend to get engine degreaser and lots of rags to do a good cleaning on everything.  

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Thanks for all the input!


To be clear, the radiator is not leaking... just some coolant on top of it, blown up there by the fan... I did a quick check of the hoses, which looked ok, and will confirm this weekend that it's the weep hole on the water pump before I start ordering my parts.

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