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Wiper delay wonky

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            Wipers work on high and low full time positions and mist. On intermittent  only operates at slowest and fastest delay, nothing in middle. Bad delay module? Multi function switch ?Dirty connection?  Thanks for any help in advance.  Mark

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11 hours ago, eaglescout526 said:

Have you done the ground mod and cleaned your grounds?



          Yes I've done most of Cruiser's tips. I'll have to find a replacement module and see if that cures the problem. Thanks everyone for the help.

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I recently had this exact problem on my XJ.  Swapped several boxes while testing it in the workshop.  None of them seemed to work, and I found that strange, I doubted both of my spares were bad/or suddenly went bad.  


Then I took it for a drive, and it worked.


I think it's got to be a ground or poor connection issue somewhere in the circuit.

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