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Jeep 87 wiring question

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OK, I am tracking the problem down. 


The symptoms:  No horn, blinkers, radio, heater/ac or wipers.  They all used to work and they all stopped at the same time.  The truck runs fine.  The flashers work fine.   Fuses all tested for continuity.  Horn replaced, Blinker switch removed and cleaned.  Radio lights up only for the eject function then goes dark again.


Other actions:

Remove C101

Refresh grounds:  drivers side under dash and near the washer tank/air cleaner.  Passenger side both at blower and near the relay bank.  Engine (center) to firewall.  Engine block stud, (2 wires here).  


I reviewed the diagrams supplied by hosts and others (TY).  A bad ground seems likely or a common power relay?


Any others thoughts?


TY in advance.


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