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"Conversion XJ"

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anyone ever done this before?


I want rear bucket seats, and after reading about the headroom issues, am thinking of raising the roof about 4-6" like a conversion van on my 86 2.5 xj. it would of course include a roll cage.


the xj has all power already. literally everything from factory that was available except for the amc20 rear axle, and power seats.


I figure I'd like to put a camaro 3800 motor in it (from a mid-90's camaro) since I've already done this to my MJ. twins ya know? :D


anyone have pics of an xj with a raised roof?

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I wish someone over here in the states would just freaking buy one of those super jeeps already... :cry: :bowdown:


BTW there's a grand cherokee down the street with a conversion like that done too it. It looks more landroverish, but i'm sure the head room is amazing! I'll snap a picture of it today if it's around.

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You could cut a section from a fiberglass topper and insert it into the Cherokee roof. Also, some mini-van conversions could probably donate a roof section. If you can find one in a junkyard.


Another possibility is to find an old Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser wagon and take the raised portion of its roof.


I think the fiberglass topper section is the way to go.


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I'm getting another cherokee roof. so I'll chop out my section, and bend the edges of the second roof to cover the sides of the raise, and curl the corners to make it look nice.


the fiberglass topper idea came across my mind...but I don't trust any method that would be used to seal that.


thanks for the input!

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