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The Varmints comin home


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And if you're too lazy (or don't know what a Yahoo Group is), here is Rick's letter:


Several weeks of soul-searching and the Grim Reaper tapping me on

the shoulder have come to a close. I just got off the phone with the

dude I sold my '86 to a year ago and we agreed on a price and my old

friend will be back in my driveway next Saturday.

Scott got what he needed out of it and now its just an extra truck

to him, and I need a truck too dang often it seems so in both our

best interest I decided to make it happen by cashing in every extra

penny I have saved for vacation/etc to give the ol Varmint his old

parking space back in front of my house.

I am going to pull all the high-dollar lift components off and make

it a near-stocker again with a modest 3-4" lift [its a beetch to un-

do a spring-over so that stays] and just use it for hauling and a

loaner when the other stuff is laid up with mechanical issues.

When time/money allow, I will consider the 4.0L and NP231/AW4

conversion so I won't be bitchin about the 4-banger anymore cuz the

2.5L - NP207 and AX-5 Puke-goat were 99% of why I sold it in the

first place.

But - I am anxious to drive that sucker again! I put sooo many hours

into it with modifications to personalize it to my own self that I

am excited to settle into the drivers seat and let it all soak in

again. aahhhh

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