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Year, Make, Model.
 1987 Jeep Comanche

2.4 4Cyl 4 Speed 2WD


Build date: It's missing (Vin Decoder?)
Current Location: Ventura, CA

Status: Is it still on the road. Just passed California Smog :D

Notes: Overall really great condition. some light rust on the exterior. Otherwise no rust anywhere else. Spent a majority of it's like on a local agriculture range (farm) exterior color is white with a light blue interior. The plastic casing on the front headlights are an interesting shade of gold. Bench seats. 
Current owner: Matthew. I'm into Suzuki Samurai's and my '92 just went out ... needing a new engine. In search of something to pick my 6 year old daughter up this weekend with (divorced) so I started looking for a truck (and something to tow my Samurai with). I stumbled across this Comanche. After reading this forum, I was sold. I'm grateful and feel graced to have the opportunity to enjoy the Comanche. Looking forward to it. To whomever put together the forum post for what new owners should look out for... thank you. I'm grateful and appreciate that post and all who have, and continue to, shared their knowledge.


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Welcome, I've always liked white Comanche they look cleaner imo. Good looking truck

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