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  1. Ohm, I've managed to get the bypass properly. The engine turns over and operational again. I'm grateful & thankful for the time you've taken to help me. Also, thank you for reminding me to take it out of gear. Sounds as if you had spoken from experience. :)
  2. I just noticed that my starter appear to be loose when I moved the wires. I'm a programmer, not a mechanic; however, couldn’t imagine that’s ok.
  3. No change. If I’ve done so correctly: I have 3 total prongs. 1 black (ground) 2 green. The one which appears to go to the starter, I swapped to the other prong. or should I have wires a jumper between the two terminals? Grateful.
  4. The relay that sits just behind the battery? It does appear one of them is partly loose. I’ll giver a go.
  5. Below 50%. Connecting up my spare now. I’ll let you know. Humbly, Thank you.
  6. '87 Comanche. 2 WD. 2.5 If anyone is there, I only have a few hours before my Father & Daughter dance practice. It's a 2 hour drive every Tuesday. Hotwire is fine, just need to know which wires to sorta splice, if any. Or what I can maybe troubleshoot or fix in a short period Driving to work. Stopped for gas. Attempted to start. No go. 1. All lights and buzzers function. 2. Fuel Pump turn on for a few moments. 3. Engage the clutch. Turn the key. No clicking, Nothing, No sound, No signal. There's also NO pushback on the key as if it doesn't go fully engage forward or return; however, it is as far forward as it'll go. ACC is good. again buzzer and power. Steering wheel does not come off, even with a puller. I took the bottom half of the dash off. Guy before me hack away a bit. There are several wires completely disconnected.
  7. The font is due to me typing from the iPhone. Thanks Gogorgo. That “not 91” sounds like a pro tip Pete: Primarily a solid daily. I’m in absolutely no rush, but long term goal would be 4WD highway vehicle. If it goes off-road it’s along camping grounds or access roads. I don’t mind the 4cyl at all as I have a heavy foot. That said, a bit more hp is always welcome. From what I’ve read 4 port injectors, cleaning up gaskets & compression, and then potentially the AX5 (with a particular gearing) may help a bit. I’m short, I don’t want off-road bada** not need it, I want solid & reliable. My 6 year old daughter rides in this truck.
  8. I’ve read thru the most important tips and wow that was an awesome post. Thank you all for those gems. So a few questions I hope to find the answers for If I find an XJ on the cheap, what years/parts would work best for my Comanche? (I.e. 87-95 or only 87-91) seats, Engine Swap, 4WD upgrade, etc. Are there 4 port injectors available for the 2.5? Where on Gods green earth do I find the correct ccv hoses for my 2.5. $#!& is leaking 😆
  9. Year, Make, Model. 1987 Jeep Comanche Engine 2.4 4Cyl 4 Speed 2WD Build date: It's missing (Vin Decoder?) Current Location: Ventura, CA Status: Is it still on the road. Just passed California Smog Notes: Overall really great condition. some light rust on the exterior. Otherwise no rust anywhere else. Spent a majority of it's like on a local agriculture range (farm) exterior color is white with a light blue interior. The plastic casing on the front headlights are an interesting shade of gold. Bench seats. Current owner: Matthew. I'm into Suzuki Samurai's and my '92 just went out ... needing a new engine. In search of something to pick my 6 year old daughter up this weekend with (divorced) so I started looking for a truck (and something to tow my Samurai with). I stumbled across this Comanche. After reading this forum, I was sold. I'm grateful and feel graced to have the opportunity to enjoy the Comanche. Looking forward to it. To whomever put together the forum post for what new owners should look out for... thank you. I'm grateful and appreciate that post and all who have, and continue to, shared their knowledge.
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