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Left dash turn signal light comes on when I turn on the lights

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here we go,

Start the truck, use the turn signals, The turn signals work fine.

Turn the headlights on and the right turn signal indicator on the dash comes on. not the outside lights.

Turn signals work but no indication that they are flashing on the inside.


So do I have a ground issue or do I have something else going on.

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I had the same problem on mine, tried cleaning the sockets in the front and replacing the bulbs but still did not work correctly. So I ended up putting new sockets in and they work fine now. There was a metal socket that I picked up from amazon.

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Yeah it’s grounding out through the harness back to the turn digital bulb in the cluster. I also found a bad bulb socket, replaced the headlight harness with a newer used one in better shape .

What was the part number on the sockets from amazon ?

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Inspect the connector featured in this write up also.




10-pin connector

I suggest unplugging EVERY electrical connection in the engine bay you can find, whether engine related or not, and spraying it out with a good electronics cleaner, visually inspecting the terminals making sure they haven’t retracted into the plastic holder, and then plugging it back together.

There’s a critical 10-pin connector for the front lighting system located in front of the air cleaner and behind the left headlight assembly. Don’t miss that one. Also be sure that the connectors to the ballast resistor mounted near the air cleaner housing are clean and tight.

ALL of the relays should be removed, the terminals wire-brushed until shiny, and the receptacles sprayed out with contact cleaner. Then plug them back in. I do this on every Renix Jeep I purchase or work on for someone else.Ballast Resistor

Revised 1-31-2016

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For the sockets I used Crown Automotive 3764863. I am not sure anyone offers prime on them but these were the ones I bought, shop them out you may find a better price.

The only thing I didn't really care for is the end with the wires is kind of open. So I used electrical tape to close it up.



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One other thing that can help make connectors more reliable (once they are clean and tight again) is to put a dielectric grease into the hole for the female contact before you plug the connector together again.  


This sounds counter-intuitive, but a normal connector will have sufficient force between the mating metal parts to force any grease away from the actual contact point.


THe remaining grease that has been displaced from the actual connector contact point will surround the contact point and form a seal against moisture and OXYGEN that causes connector corrosion.


Do a search on the term "fretting corrosion" for more details on how/why this works.   We did this when I worked at Motorola for 32 years on all of our outdoor radio installations.


PS---just about any grease will work, but be sure the grease you use is NON-CONDUCTIVE and does not have stuff like lithium or molybdenum in it.  Silicone or polyethylene greases are the most common ones used for this sort of application.

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